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Dust and Thirst is an all acoustic line up, playing a tasteful myriad of classic country, minor key originals and rustic renditions of classic rock selections.

With well crafted songs and a finely tuned performance, Dust and Thirst commands it's fans into a clamor.

"A strangely comforting union of etheric melody, grit and tradition, a darker shade of American folklore."


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Davis Cain - Guitar, vocals and songwriter

Davis Cain cut his teeth playing hard honky tonk and electric blues. Raised in a small high desert town in Oregon, he spent his formative years on the cold heart worn highways of the western states. "There's moonshine in my bottle and burlap on my back, once I can reach that throttle, I ain't never looking back."

Specialized in leavin' songs he has since developed a sharp sense of simplicity in music.For the last several years he has spent his time as a solo street musician. Playing the streets of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, British Columbia and his current home town of Portland Oregon.

With the belief that the experiences that are woven and crafted into every song should be shared and given to the world, he has found solace that his gift has been received by many a passer by. Paid for, in full, by a nod and a wink, a crumpled dollar bill, a nickel or a dime, a surprised and happy child, Lincoln's crooked countenance and a lucky silver dollar carelessly tossed into an old brown hat.

"Thank you, world."





Brian Stowe - Banjo

Brian brings that certain je ne sais quoi one expects of a mouth breathing banjo player. Born to fabulously wealthy parents in Tulsa, OK, Brian's formative year's were heavily influenced by his involvement in the super elite Tulsa Yacht Club and in his extremely productive top secret laboratory far beneath the streets of Tulsa. Brian's passion for music and life are only exceeded by his thirst for knowledge. A poet-warrior by trade, Brian moved to Portland, OR in 1998 with his adoring family. When not playing banjo, Brian enjoys sitting and taking a variety of allergy medications.





Jake Elledge - Upright Bass

Jake is an accomplished Upright Bass player with a gifted sense of cadence, a true knack of syncopation. He is the entirety of our rhythm section.

Jake has been playing the bass for more than 15 years and has been involved in many Portland projects including: the Lowdown Sophisticates, Johnny Mercury's Hot Rockets, the Skirt Chasers, the Hard Luck Three, the Flavels, the Cold Hearted Trio and Ciri Jaye.

Being this busy has kept Jake in the dog house but he is always on time!



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